Festivals in Torremolinos

Andalucia is a bright, fun, lay backed region famous for its rich culture and numerous traditional festivals. Torremolinos is no stranger to happenings. Here are some of the more popular festivals.
See our festival page on andalucia.com for more background information on these festivals.
  • Carnivals (February)
  • Holy Week (March)
  • Crosses of May, (early May)
  • Corpus Christi (June)
  • Saint John’s Eve (23 June)
  • Virgen del Carmen (16 July) Celebrated in La Carihuela
    Romeria (end September)
  • Summer Feria centres around Saint Michaels day (September 29) the town’s patron saint.
  • The Day of the Tourist (end Sept) is a more moderate but equally important concept. The town hall will organise free events such as entertainment and the cooking of a huge Paella.
An important annual event in Torremolinos is the Spanish Ballroom Dancing Championships which takes place in October in the Congress Palace. Mr and Mrs Banderas (Antonio’s parents) took a great interest, they won one year.

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